What you need to bring to the office for the initial interview

Eastbridge Home Care is recruiting experienced home care professionals to provide compassionate care to our clients. All caregivers must hold a current New Jersey home health aide license and must meet all Covid guidelines.

NJ Board of Nursing recently changed the rules on how the whole process of submitting application for HHA licensing works. Before HHA company was responsible of gathering all paperwork from the students and submitting them to NJ board of nursing. Now HHA students are responsible for all submissions to the Board of Nursing.
We understand that the process can sometimes be confusing and stressful, therefore we offer help during all steps of the process. Please also understand that our resources are limited and we will be charging nominal fee for particular services if you are not able to outsource and perform them by yourself:
Free Services: (We will do it for you free of charge)
● Fill out Initial Application Forms
● Provide one make up class if you missed it for justifiable reason (family emergency, medical issues)
● Gather and provide all necessary paperwork for you in one package.
● Will gladly answer all the questions you might have before, during or after the course.
Services for charge:
● Notarizing of the documents for license reinstatement
● Following up on any questions from the Board of Nursing you might have after you complete the course.
● Skills exam for license renewal

We will call you!