Home Health Aide Certification

Eastbridge Home Care can help you obtain your New Jersey Home Health Aide license

Transfer Your License

If you hold a current HHA license in New York, Pennsylvania or Connecticut and have worked in that state within the past six months we can help you transfer your license to New Jersey. Contact us for details.

HHA Course Information

Class Schedule:

We offer classes on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 7pm. Over the course of five consecutive weekends, you will complete the training and the State-approved exam.

State Requirements:

NJ Board of nursing requires 76 hours of total training of which 16 hours should be hands on training in clinical setting. With our current schedule you will need 5 weekends to complete your training and pass the final exam.

Course Registration:

Please contact us for a class schedule via www.eastbridgehomecare@gmail.com or phone 1-800-442-6979


  • Please call for HHA class tuition fees as various discounts can apply
  • Other expense: 80$ fee for application to Board of Nursing
  • Optional expenses: 45$ deposit for a text book.

If you want to take the text book with you the deposit will stay at ICA.

Additional Fees:

There is an 80$ fee to the Board of Nursing for your HHA certificate. It covers background check with fingerprinting and a fee for issuing the license. You will be required to bring a valid credit or debit card to the office to process this payment or can do it from home.

If you are in a good standing (no missed classes, acceptable exam scores, background check and physical is done before the courses end) we will process your application upon the results of your final test and signed skills sheet.

If you missed more than 2 full days of classes you will need to schedule catch up sessions for additional fee. There should be a signed proof of attending such catch up sessions in order for us to process your application further.

Steps to apply for HHA course

1. Stop by Eastbridge office for the interview

Address: 1 Rossmoor drive, Suite 104, Monroe Township, NJ 08831
Call to make an appointment! 1-800-442-6979

2. After an interview you will be given application papers that you have to fill out.

As soon we have your application we start a background check process and are able to sign you up for the course when it is cleared. This should take 1-2 business days.

3. If all paperwork is done and background check is cleared you will receive a call from a program coordinator with the first available date of HHA course.

Groups are limited to 15 people per class.

There is no obligation for you to work any amount of hours for ICA after HHA course completion although you are required to work a certain amount of hours per year in order for your license to be renewed by the NJ Board of Nursing.

Necessary steps after you are accepted to HHA courses:

NJ Board of Nursing recently changed the rules on how the whole process of submitting application for HHA licensing works. Before HHA company was responsible of gathering all paperwork from the students and submitting them to NJ board of nursing. Now HHA students are responsible for all submissions to the Board of Nursing.

We understand that the process can sometimes be confusing and stressful, therefore we offer help during all steps of the process. Please also understand that our resources are limited and we will be charging nominal fee for particular services if you are not able to outsource and perform them by yourself:

Free Services: (We will do it for you free of charge)

  • Fill out Initial Application Forms
  • Provide one make up class if you missed it for justifiable reason (family emergency, medical issues)
  • Gather and provide all necessary paperwork for you in one package.
  • Will gladly answer all the questions you might have before, during or after the course.

  Services for charge:

  • Notarizing of the documents for license reinstatement
  • Following up on any questions from the Board of Nursing you might have after you complete the course.
  • Skills exam for license renewal

What you need to bring to the office for the initial interview

  • Unexpired government issued photo ID (passport, green card or driving license)
  • Social security card with work authorization.
  • Work authorization card
  • 2 Passport photographs
  • Two reference letters – those letters may be written or typed, professional references are preferred but personal references are accepted, and letters should not be more than two months old.
  • One proof of address in your name – they suggest a bill or envelop addressed to you, or notarized statement from your landlord stating you reside at the address listed
  • Physical and lab work, if completed within the last year

Register for HHA classes

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